Falling From Grace

"I wake up everyday looking upon the creations as they build.

I see that they are smart and I receive chills.

Everyday, they evolve and add points to their souls.

I dance on the moon and fly as I invent the crows.

I grant them gold and other shines to mold-

Their society and as they grow. I see a chance for war.

I recieve a sensation to my very core.

I wonder, Does Father know?

Not possible, he is much too old.

I continue to hurt them and shape their minds.

I think ill stay and take away the kind.

I grow in their hearts and finally Father has something he wants to say.

Lucifer, What hast thou done?

I reply i just don't know. For i have been drinking rum.

I was carried away into my corruption.

I invented evil and seduction

He replies  I grant you the name of Satan for you are cursed.

You gave them axes and blades and invented evil birds.

It would seem I have been defaced and i have finally fallen from grace."

- Jasen Scarbrough 5:23 am 8/7/2017

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My community
My country
Our world
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Wow. This is so incredibly amazing! The verses, the structure, the process of Lucifer's corruption of the human heart, it's all so well written. This seems like a poem that you'd find in a book of the old great poets. Very very VERY well written.


I am highly humbled by the words you have spoken today. Thank you so much. I hope to get into music soon. Im working on paying to go and learn music production. If this is the real MARS, im a huge fan of yours.


Oh I'm terribly sorry, I don't know who the MARs you're talking about. I'm just a poet on here, not famous or anything. I'm awfully sorry for any confusion.


Oh it's no problem at all, man. Thank you for the compliments, I'll always give respect to anyone with a compliment or constructive critical advice either way.