Black amythest in the cloack of the night . I wondered in silence, in the abyss of my mind.  Problem solving- Where did i go wrong? How did I waste so much time?  But then there you were dancing in the moonlight. Pursuading me that all would be alright. That love is everlasting. And for my heart, that is all you were asking. So i pushed impure thoughts away. Got lost in the lyrics you would say. And allowed myself to be wrapped up with you and sway...  It wasn't until i was drunk off lust. Intoxicated with us taht i realized that you are no good. That i shouldn't want you, but i want to, so I could... It wasn't until your lips were against mine again that i seen that you keep me hanging on by a single string. And that is how i earned the name filipendulous. So in sense i am suspended in dreams.


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