Finding Who I Am

2016 began..

And all I knew was that I was a sophomore in my second semester in college

Have I discovered who I was yet?

Probably not..

Am I home sick?


Did I make the right choice..?

By going to school out of state?

These are all questions I ask myself..

Over and over again

While I’m in class

I see the struggling kids in class..

I see the brainiacs ease their way through lectures..

While I see the average students play on their phones during class

Is college for everyone?

No..not necessarily

But continuing to feed your brain is a must

As the year goes on..

The more I learn from myself

Maybe the major I chose wasn’t for me..

Maybe college wasn’t for me..

Who knows?

As I start to get lost in the piles of schoolwork, the endless tests, the all nighters..

I can’t seem to convince myself with my decision of going here

But at the moment when I thought I lost all hope in continuing my education

Something eye opening happened

I found my passion

That is.. to help others..

I felt a desire to want to help people

Only then I felt like I made the right choice

Changing my major was a start,

Classes feeling more enjoyable were a tease,

Looking towards my future goals didn’t seem so unbearable..

As the year came to an end, I finally found out who I was supposed to be..

A person who saves lives




























































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