Fit In

We follow the latest trends

like our spines cant unbend.

like the force of this society has crippled us ,

placing all its weight on top of us, soon our faces will meet the pavement.

because we are not strong enough.

They hack into that safe we call a mind,

take our morals and values and mix them until they start to intertwine.

To have individuality, they charge a fine.

Create thier own definition and tell us this is what defines beauty.

So then we have our little girls growng up wanting to be just like the models on t.v

fake hair ,fake everything, waist a size three, none of it real...meaning reality.

They make our young men think that intellect is incorrect so they began to disconnect even if the message was direct, they select a path thats proven to always neglect...never protect, but its always too late when they began to see the true effcts.

Let us follow the best not the rest

the wise, those who advise good despise being chastised by this society.

Let us leave the trends

truely allow our spines to unbend.


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