Yes I know I am not perfect.

But who are you to point that put?

No matter what you say, my confidence will remain the same.

I will feel beautiful. 

I will feel pretty.

Becasue I am flawlessly flawed.

My nose is too big

and my waist is thick.

My thighs could me referred to as "thunderous"

but my personality is "A1."

My smile is brighter than your because my happiness is genuine.

My laughter is louder becasue my spirit is lighter.

The words you say'will cause me no harm.

I can endure

I will live on.  

We all are flawlessly flawed.

But each imperfection, is beautiful.

They make you unique,

they keep you from being dull. 

I am flawlessly flawed.

Judge me not

for I am odd

but beautiful nonetheless,

in fact my flaws

make me flawless. 


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