Four Little Years


Look around you in the hallways 
in the classrooms in the streets
Same people, 
same clothes every day in sync
In a world where nothing's different 
it's easy to feel trapped 
Where every belief is only stated 
as a  matter of fact
For four years, 
it's all just exactly the same
The only choice is a sport, 
but that's just part of the game
For four years you change 
just to feel accepted
When inside you are craving 
to be disconnected 
High school is something 
were forced to enjoy
When we go and we tolerate 
while feeling annoyed 
The people you're with 
can't exactly make it better 
They're only your friends 
when you're not under the weather 
Sometimes your high school friends 
aren't as loyal as you think
You'll find you're only friends 
because you see them 5 days a week
When the hallways are cleared 
and finals are over
It's surprising to see 
how many friendships suffer 
Graduation is symbolic, 
a passing of time 
A chapter has finished 
and everyone is fine
No real sad feeling 
of departing the district
But rather a feeling 
of relief and lack of restriction
You'll find you're more nostalgic 
and much more creative 
And that what your thought of high school 
was completely over rated
You'll see that what were taught in high school 
aren't exactly our interests 
We just listen in class taking notes 
while on Pinterest 
No little kid ever dreams 
of learning statistics 
No little girl aspires 
to major in physics 
Why can't we have classes
 that match with our passions
Like fighting off fires 
or working in fashion 
We dream of being president 
as a little kid 
But after high school we all know 
how practical that is 
It's all about lectures 
and memorization 
What happened to an exciting 
public education
Being voted most likely to succeed 
doesn't mean you will
Because having 500 followers 
won't pay your bills
You can't put "prom queen" 
on a job application
You can't talk about varsity sports 
when figuring chemical equations 
The way you're viewed in high school 
won't matter in the future 
It won't get you a job
or buy you a computer 
Everything has flaws 
and nobody is perfect
But can't we make high school 
a little more worth it
Instead of just going 
to get it all done
Why can't there be something 
a little more fun
We spend more time at school 
than our own homes
Our basic interaction 
is over the phone 
Let's teach students to be teachers 
and let teachers lead the way
Because each and every student 
will grow up some day
We won't have a counselor 
to hold our hands 
We'll have to move forward 
even if we aren't a fan
So why teach slope formations 
and basic notation
When all we need is to know how to 
lead a nation
High school truly taught me that
If you're different you're weird 
And that you're not considered cool 
if your drug test is cleared 
It shouldn't have been like that 
because that's not the truth
The precedence of prom kings 
have shown me the proof 
I know that looks are fleeting 
and material will fade
What matters are your values 
and the passions your crave 
What you persure will define you 
over all
Not how much time you took 
to do your hair for prom
Looking back on your life 
those 4 small years might be a blur
So who really cares 
if you go unheard 
Do what you like 
 like what you do
Love like crazy 
and live according to you 
It's only 4 years 
 it's for you to waste
Feel free to explore 
the choices you embrace
At the end of it all you'll find a passion that's true 
Dont let those 4 little years
 define you 


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