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America has invested hundreds of years of its time, fighting for equality.
Every morning, children throughout the nation chant the Pledge of Allegiance.
Hand over heart.
It ends- “With liberty and Justice for all.”
But is there “Justice for all” in America today?
Society has convinced itself that there is, by saying those exact words over and over.
False phrases embedded in the minds of little boys and girls.
Make believe statements that blind the truth of reality.
Even our brown-skinned President tries to smooth it over a beer.
The Justice system is corrupt.
Racial profiling is out of hand.
We need more leaders. More activists. More fighters.
We need… Freedom!

Naomi T

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Very strong poem! You show how even today, there is a fight for civil rights. I think the line "We need more leaders. More activists. More fighters" is the most powerful. By being a poet and writing this inspiring poem, you are already being an activist! Check out the "Take Action" section to find out more ways you can help change the world with poetry.

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