Freedom of Speech

Thu, 12/05/2019 - 21:08 -- Hailee2

Freedom of speech

Our very first amendment

But the one that is squashed the most 

If it’s first isn’t it the most important


We're not say,


Or impose on others religion,

Or silence others beliefs

Yet this is what is we do the most


Are you famous? No?

You’re not important so shush

Are you rich? No?

So shush

Are you pretty or handsome? No?

Then hush your voice


Are you young? What’s your number? 

Younger than 18?

Then hush child, for you don’t understand

You don’t know the world like we do


As these people say this they stick up their noses

Cross their arms

Cutting us off

For we’re too young


And our problems are ours

Not important enough to be heard

But listen to their struggles

But you keep quiet because you’re just here for show


No, you can’t post that

It’s inappropriate

No, you can’t say that

It’s rude,







The truth

The thing about freedom of speech is 

Expressing the truth

Expressing you

Expressing the true you


They don’t want to hear your cries

They don’t want to hear your suffering

Your pain

Your struggle

Your truth


Because deep down inside their pit of a heart

They feel it too

They know it

They see it

Heck they even do it


They don’t wanna hear it 

They don’t wanna see it

They silence your truth

So you don’t unveil their demons


And expose their real truth

So they quiet our truths

Make us feel small

When we’re actually 10 foot tall


So I ask what’s your truth?

What’s freedom of speech to you?

What is it to me you may ask?

Freedom of speech is




It is your mind

Your body

And your soul


It’s your voice,

Your prayer

Your purpose

So the next time

Someone tries to silence that Freedom

Talk louder,

Sing louder,

Preach louder,

Believe more,


Scream it if you have to be heard

But speak your freedom and your truth

And be released from the chains

Of society that hold you back


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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