Behind this curtain I sleep in a restless state

Because everything is not okay

There is no sunshine or bees in the meadows

No clouds of warm weather

No sunflowers or roses

The grass isn’t even greener

in fact, it snows

Frozen from the center, branched out into its streams

Breaths of ice sickled daggers as she silently screams

Stiff as a board, she moves like water

She violently shivers as she gives hugs as warm as a blanket

Dark on the inside, she shines like a diamond

Only on the surface.

She craves to be by the fire

She yearns to thaw out

She longs to be warm from the inside out

But in a world so cold

She’ll only get close to a low chill

a cool breeze in the late autumn night


And every night I rest behind this curtain in a restless state

hoping to thaw out before it’s too late


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