According to the world wide web science is defined as the study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observations.

Meaning the instillation of innovations into our cerebral cortex defining complex details to the simplest element.

Unveiling the smallest atom behind our air resistence because this generation refuses to fall at 9.8 m/s² towards failure on this earth.

We as a people bind like compounds in order to become a part of a solution .

Let me get to the decimal point of this scientific notation.


Einstein's e=mc2 is our formula to base how much energy we can create from dynamic potential

Galileo's heliocentrism is the model of today's leaders revolving around motivation

Charles Darwin observed our need to evolve the future to adapt in order to be able to survive in our mindsets.

And lastly newton defined to us that an object in motion tends to stay in motion
So, in the 60 seconds i have not moved from this stage you have not moved from your seat but your heart has pumped nearly 6 quarts of blood. You had about 48 thoughts. Your heart has beat 68 times. You have inhaled 7.63 liters of air. You blinked 16 times while the earth rotated .25 degrees

Meaning this whole time, we've been in motion.

Meaning we are moving.


So as force equals mass times volume,
let us use our masses to exellerate the essence of our existence to discover the future of today

because the future starts NOW.


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