Gambling with Feelings and Currancy

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 04:57 -- sbedian


Gambling is a sin, so never begin,

Money madness makes it more maniacal,

Stacks against itself the odds of real success,

It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well,

Don’t send yourself to hell,

Don’t dwell on flings with the Devil that don’t bring you the things you really need,

Friendship, companionship, less money greed and more seeds of happiness sown,

What’s a win at a table, compared to the loathing in-grown,

Don’t wear a label, the tombs of your life light up when you let go enough,

But it takes time to build trust, one must keep it up,

To recognize, there’s no need to scheme or even dream away your days,

No plans will stand against the recognition,

The moment’s intuition,

The minute precision detail of the reality that entails the actuality of awareness,

Try not to derail the realization, of that hopeful anticipation, of a free mind blessed,

A creature left like in kind, with kindness set to face a moment in time,

Humility and rationality mixed gradually to fix tragedy,

I’ll gladly miss all the attention; did I mention I need myself more than others?

My brother’s long gone, stone heart overdrawn,

Departed one day from the front lawn and started before dawn,

I yawn at myself now, what a waste, what a waste, a tired life games pushed in haste,

But the real need is a taste of something, almost abstract,

Not entirely, physical reality is based on fact,

In actuality The Fear only detracts when you hold dear things that lack any kind of cohesion,

Use reason, don’t abuse derision and decisiveness, not so nice with this, tried it twice and missed,

Throw the dice if you insist, bite the bullet, kiss the face and taste bliss,

Avoid disgrace, don't shake your fist and try to make a case,

Save the best for last and the rest cannot be wasted,

I tasted victory, it sickened me, I quickened the approach of the inevitable,

Destiny tasted like hell, I was wasted as well,

Well, whatever was, was what was,

What is, is what is, this is the business at hand,

What will come for me now is in demand,

In the future I must relearn how to stand,

I succumb to the command to act proper,

A ton of wrongdoing must be undone,

Scheming and stewing to prop up my ego, on goodwill and well won feats,

Real heroism is not just winning a battle,

It’s swallowing your pride to avoid foolish defeats,

It’s holding your own, and holding what owns you well,

It's knowing when to release, so that in sound judgment one may dwell.


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