The morning rises upon her ocean eyesShe's not ready to put on her disguiseRevolted by the sight of the lies day and nightdown the stairs her ecstatic runmeans nothing more than a painful shunShe reminds herself of the voices, choices she'll have to maketo make it through another dayLeaving her home she fears of the great unknown the day will bring hershe just prays that it won't be painfulHer makeup is like a mask or even a shieldfrom the lies she will hear.She's prepared yet has it concealedWill she make it through, she only hopes another day willpass over and not subdue her mind which is twined by thevery idea of being aliveThe day is over, she made it out of the lion's den thanking God the enemy has flied overand she wasn't scarred againbut laying in her bed she reminds herself that tomorrow's just a repeat of today's doubtsShe moves on through the deadly route but is confidentshe'll make it out alive She won't just strive she'll survivebetter yet she'll thrive

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