The Great Sibling Novel


The roses can be red,

And the violets can be blue.

But if we always stick together,

Then we know we can get through.


If we put our minds to it,

Nothing can be all that rough.

What makes some things impossible,

Is when we think “just leaving it” enough.


Those stressful things that we face,

The ones that seem like they will crush us.

They won’t ever be able to hurt us at all,

As long as we have our jokes on the plus.


You will always be my person,

And I will always be yours.

Nothing can ever get in our way,

Our path will always have open doors.


Maybe it won’t be in person,

But I won’t ever be that far away.

You can call me anytime you want,

I will always be just a phone call away.


Though we have our off days,

Our laughs and smiles never seem to end.

You are my baby sister of course,

But you are also my best friend.

This poem is about: 
My family


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