The Hate in our Race

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 12:28 -- King_G

Our race....Why is it filled with so much hate? When the late great Martin Luther King had a dream...and the way we live today,I really don't think that's what he means. I've seen more things living in a "low class" neighborhood than most people would believe. I'm talking some stuff that you would probably see on TV on a show like the wire.....I mean look at the other race,don't get me wrong I'm all about love but if we gon spread some hate...let me stop before I make a mistake, cause like I said I'm all about the love and the peace but most people that got the barrel pointed my direction got the same skin color as me.....and I thought that was supposed to be my "brother". I mean we can't even walk down the street and greet with out getting mad cause you looking my way,when the sad thing is I was only looking your direction cause I thought you may be a familiar face....but instead of you nodding your head and saying what's sup I get greeted with a "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT!?"....that's sad.....And see I was never a killer or a real nigga but I was forced to be a killer and a real nigga just so the killers and the real niggas wouldn't mess with me,cause I can't even walk down the street with out getting the third degree from a man of the same skin color who faces the same everyday struggles that I now I'm forced to carry a gun just so I make it home safe, and when I walk down the street I got to watch where I point my face. Cause point it the wrong way in my hood and you may not live to see another day...smh...and it's sad to say that even though I'm a black man,this is why sometimes I hate our race.


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