Help is All Around Us

Living life without regret, independence built and firmly set, making the grade and making it count, these are the things that I am about.                                                                                                  Can't find a way to use return, to make my return is what I yearn.  Ah well, it is as is, it's meant to be, I should continue down this line indefinitely.                                                                                            My goal is ahead, I shall not veer, with college looming, it soon will be here.                                      Oh, how am I to cover the expense? Sometimes it makes me very tense!                                                                                                                                                                    But then it comes to me...Help is all around.                                                                                       From friends to family to this scholarship app, so many resources that one can tap.  Help is all around us, to give THEM our all, is totally a snap.                                                                                       Thank goodness for love and life and peace.  These are the things that make life complete.  Without them, I fear, my life would be naught, and would challenge the values that I have been taught.          Make sure you take the time to give to them, not for the support that you would get, but for the love and the joy that it brings, to everyone around and all living things.  Kind of a hard message to convey, specially when you have a lot to say, but everything will be okay, if you just see the help around you today!

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