Hide-and-Seek-With My Soul

We are born into this world with no expectations;

Full of joy and happiness and only elation.

Our parents mold us into their personal creations;

So we lose ourselves through all this emanation.

"Don't do this" and "That looks bad",

Changing our behaviors to make others glad.

I once was very nice and charming and oh so sweet,

But I was slowly changed by the people I'd meet.

They'd make fun of my hair, my clothes, my sense of humor.\

Eventually, their loathing grew into a tumor.

A tumor on my soul that had to be removed.

Their judgments of me had to be disproved.

I was my own doctor and picked up the scapel.

I cut from myself what didn't please those in the chapel,

Or in my class, or those in my home.

But, now, when I sit here starting in the mirror,

The vision of me gets less and less clearer.

Parts of me creep out every now and then.

I can reveal myself to those whom I call my "friends."

But Society still stumbles me;

Still hinders who I am.

So I hide behind the curtain that

Shuts with a slam.


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