I canot bear to bare my face,

For fear of what you'll say.

I try my best to hide inside

So you don't run away.


I try to hide the crazy things

I feel inside my heart.

I try to lock myelf away,

I tear myself apart.


Sometimes I want to just break out

To let myself run free.

But then I think of what you'd say

If you discovered me.


Would you think me strange,

If you saw?

Would you stand there, mouth agape,

In awe?


I do not know.

I try not to think.

For if I tried.

I could lose my life in a blink.


Life as I know it,

Could all slip away.

So instead I hide from you,

Day after day.


My love so deep,

My feelings true

These are the things

That I hide from you.


I keep them hidden,

Locked in a box,

And fight with myself,

An eternal paradox.


Maybe some day

I will find the power

To tell you the truth,

Though it would take hours.


Until then I'll hide

Behind smoke and mirrors.

Until that one day,

That we may become nearer.



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