Hits and Misses (Mostly Misses)

First quarter of the year,

And the plans that I made,

That I held so dear? 

Right out the window!

Because, y'know,

How it is. 

That end-of-the-year bliss.

Making targets you couldn’t possibly miss!

Well, I did.

Miss, that is.


But surprise, surprise!

In the midst of that miss,

I kept moving forward.

I found a new target worth aiming toward.


I aimed.

Admittedly wired,

(On coffee),

I fired!

And I missed!


Wait, I missed?


I did.




And yet,

This year,

As I reflect.

Writing this poem.

For money.

And whatnot.


I realized something.


No, not that I need money for college,

Though I do. (Send help)


And no,

Not the fact that this poem no longer rhymes.

Or has a,






I realized that those misses,

Those misses shaped me.


Maybe not into the me that I originally wanted to be.

But into a me that’s harder.



Str- you get the point.



In a year full of hits and misses,

Feisty white Vans,

Fruit and writing utensil fusions,

Anthropomorphic animal movies,

And of course,

The most important


VR Por- Portrayals of interesting video game concepts. (Ahem.)


I can say,

That I love me.

My family.

And my dog Daisy.


And I can’t wait to see,

What kind of targets I’ll fail to meet.

And the me,

The arises from those defeats.