I Am


I am flawless,
Every part of me is exactly the way i want it to be.
From the split ends in my hair to the paleness of my skin,
I wouldn’t change for the world.

I am a flower,
Beautiful and frail on the outside
But if you dig until you find my roots,
You’ll find scars and stories you’d never imagined.

I am a lion,
Magnificent and grand, I know my worth,
And if you mess with me
You’ll find yourself face down on the ground.

I am an airplane
Built to withstand tons of baggage
For millions of miles,
I’ve seen places you’ve never heard of before.

I am a woman,
I love dresses and the color pink,
I also love music and rock shows and tattoos,
So don’t act like that means anything.

I am human,
I’m littered with flaws,
But if I accept them, do they really count?
Because then, I’m left without a doubt-

I am flawless.

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