I am Intresting and Weird

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 17:37 -- Giggles


United States
44° 15' 19.1844" N, 123° 4' 39.3816" W

I am interesting and weird.
I wonder if ill ever make it to the end of the rainbow.
I hear the sound of children laughing.
I see the forest with beautiful flowers and a blue cascade that keeps on falling.
I want the world to change.

I am interesting and weird.
I pretend to understand.
I feel angry when I’m yelled at.
I touch the sky.
I worry on what the world is coming to.
I cry when I’m in pain.

I am interesting and weird.
I understand I need to forgive.
I say we should all respect others.
I dream of an imaginary world.
I try to always be happy.
I hope the world keeps on smiling.
I am interesting and weird.

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