I am not my anxiety

I am brave, fierce. I will let nothing stop me .

I am a cheerleader with a big smile on my face at every game.

I am a pianist whose fingers soar on the keys creating music with a flick of my wrist. 

I am also that girl who just had an anxiety attack in the bathroom last period. 

I am NOT my anxiety. I will not let that define who I am. 

I am NOT that girl who'll back down at the first sign of difficulty. 

I am NOT my shy, quiet self. I am loud and friendly. 

I will have moments of sheer terror when doing something new for the first time. 

but that will be the last time I am ever scared to do it. 

My anxiety has been something that has prevented me from trying new things. 

There was a voice in my head saying "you'll never be able to do that, you're a failure". 

But I ignored that voice, and was able to fly during my senior night game. 

I was able to play my final piece at the piano recital 

I was able to stand up infront of my school and give a speech 

I am that girl who beat her anxiety. 

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