i cant go back now

chilling with the homies down the block , even though its past two o'clock , mama dont know i have a 22 in the back pocket , what am i doing with my life , i should be home im only 18 that ant grown ,bullets fly lyk shooting stars , you see them at frist but them they dissapera into the dark , how i wish i was at home in stead of this park , will i come out of this death vally alive , i pull the trigger out of fear hoping to survive. i hear screams and yelling from across the street  , the shooters left but im frozen to my feet , i didnt mean it i didnt mean it , my stomach hit the concret and i realize all the guns were pointing to me ,you i sue to live a different life , i used to play little league and be the best i can beand get good grades how could this happen to me , im only 18,people change for the good or the bad and i chose not to succed , there fore im no longer free,tear drops run down my mamas face like bombing from pearl harbor , i am a discrace , just another kid off the street , yes im alive but i ant free, was this who i was suppose to be, beacuse i got on the wrong track , i am now trapped just white walls and bars is all i see and i cant go back to how it use to be, listing to those sermons , man how i should of learn something god was speaking to me , and i did not belive ,now im no longer free ,25 to life thats me.

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