I Don't Believe The Vision


1163 Overington Street
United States
40° 1' 10.092" N, 75° 5' 25.2744" W

Make America Great Again? Sorry, I don't believe the vision. America has potential to improve. Trying to be great again means we were great once. When was that? What exactly are we striving to when you say "Let's Make America Great AGAIN". I don't follow blindly. I ask questions, but here today you are looking for my response. So, no. America is not great as is. There are certainly things we can improve on. First and foremost we need to remove the blinders that ignorant people have put in place to ignore the problems that we face. Problems need to addressed instead of swept under the rug. And here I will adress your last question, which is "What is your personal relationship with the country?". I love this country but sometimes I feel like I not welcome here. Like my pigment is a brand or I'm too dark stand. Like an abused child that has no where else to go. I watch my brothers and sister get beat just like me but I can't do nothing but raise my voice in protest to no avail. So when you ask me if America's great, be ready for the answer. And be ready for the truth.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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