Idiot Boxes & Chains

Humanities bible
Mind tricks they present and we swallow
Programming complete
Were so use to the poison its impossible to get sick
Their word is gospel
Babylons spokesmen
d'EVILs advocate is more than happy to train and lead
Shifted from our kingDOME to chattle herds, for most
Black male images of destruction and ignorance desplayed and consumed by viewers to eventually be believed
We are more than what they portray, more than what they want to admit
This war on terror pit again Muslims to spread fear
and hate in the citizens to go along with what ever plans
 they have to continue to go over to their land and spread their hand
 and splat it down upon their plains
 to cause a ripple effects to other lands and do the same things
Yet scream out about how violence is obsolete and a negative reaction to aim for
Contradictive, right?
Who are the real terrorists?
We send our troops over to another country to bomb and kill innocent men, children, and women
For their resources but don't understand why whyctjey come over and cause havoc over here
Capitalism is a bitch and you colonizers and invaders wrapped in false humanitarian deeds
Feed off their table
Greed is a goal while broken promises are the alibies later to be seen as a leave falling from the tree of facism
Society of secrets inhaled by powerful men that control
And mysteriously they exhale the deeds towards us by command
Manipulated by entities we can't see but they're surely watching
Guinea pigs in their experiment
Were Running on their ingredients
Malfunctioning can happen but that miracles at a 1/9th fraction
Can't lead blind sheep unless its over a cliff
Because death seems to be the only way their minds and truth will coexist
Our idiot boxes are meant to channel us
Social media to bury us, many headlines on confusion and deception
So blindly accepted ,, black and white spectrum
Ignoring the grey areas in between
The struggling tightrope epedemic
I try to avoid
Wake up.staywoke.and never go back to sleep
So I can lead without any troubles
Bring propaganda to push their agendas we fearfully go by
Uncle Sam is a gimmick, lady liberty needs glasses
But WE all need a wake up call
Beware, The Media
Turning things PC to make certain people comfortable
They only tell you what they want you to know
Living in a virtual world they did but didn't make
They don't care if we know
Controls systems to control us

Mind Control
Sleep sheep
Wake up - QueenLEFT®

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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