Imhrien's Journey

Sun, 06/23/2019 - 18:12 -- maemei

The Nameless Creature of Isse Tower Great

Deformed, Broken, Awaiting Life’s Fate.

The Boy Watched the Flowers Grow,

The Falling Snow,

Faces of Disgust,

Just Watching the Dust.


What Does One Do,

When Time Stretches On?

Youth Found Curiosity In Every Day,

So He Hopped On That Flying Windship.

He Sailed Away I say!

Through With Watching the Dust,

Knowing Adventure Was a Must,

To Unseelie Wights and Beyond,

The Creature Said, “Take Me Away!”


Although What Was To Come Was Unforeseen,

He Had a Brave Heart and a Mind Keen.

The Nameless Creature,

Once Forgotten,

Found the Love And Friendship

That she Should Have Gotten



*Note from the author

I should mention that this poem is based on the life of a character, but I think there are themes here that a lot of people can relate to. For example,  "Youth found curiosity in every day/ So he hopped on that flying windship/ He sailed away, I say!" When you finally have that realization of "I'm an adult", it inspires you to take a chance, like the character in this story is doing. Sometimes we don't realize how much potential and freedom we have. We have the freedom to change things about our lives if we have the maturity to realise it. So that's what this story meant to me.

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