The Inevitable


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Your time today could be your last

We are all gradually running out

Each second ticks the past

An essential never thought about


The storm to our thunder

As the world orbits in a race

Forces humans to wonder

But keeps us in pace


Like a darkness that hides in the haze

That most of humanity takes for granted

Growing slowly like a corn maze

Each day lived is another seed planted


Only valued when you see it go

A sight you cannot believe

Vanish from a soul you used to know

Then not knowing how to grieve


I have lost a brother

With a busy father

A sick mother

And no one to bother

When one close to you is lost

The tortured are the ones left behind

So remember what matters the most at all cost

As you are forced to view life in a changed mind


The only thought was why

A question with no answer

Finding out why we die

Is like discovering the cure to cancer


Time will end

It is merely our measure

It only makes a trend

So be grateful for its treasure

As you are reading this

You are running out too

Time is something you can miss

So I hoped this changed your view


“Time is an illusion”

An intelligent man once said

Do not waste time understanding the conclusion

Just live your life instead


Inevitably our biggest fear

Every memory in one last glance

Regrets make you shed a tear

So choose wisely while you still have the chance


You do not have time to wait

Do what you can with the rest of your days

Before your timing is too late

Death finds us in unpredictable ways


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