It's Like I'm Running Nowhere


Could you complete these next sentences for me?

Because i don't feel like i'm worth listening to

And could you please remind me why i breath?

When theres a stake in my lungs and i could care less if it leaves

See, i stole a life, and guess what? It was mine

Eyes wide, closed mind, i could be back in that high

Tripping over every single girl that i see

In a moive, magazine, or on the t.v.

But if i could say that i am not what i think

I'd rather bite off my tounge than have to lie through my teeth

Because i'm addicted to loving girls

That i never even meet...

But this won't be the death of me

Because i won't stand for

Every lie you fed to me

Give me back my identity

And i'm so weak and insecure

So take my eyes and make them yours

And take my heart and make it pure

Please tell my future wife i love her

I'm sorry i'm too selfish to think of her

But it's so hard to do 

When i'm caught between pornography and you

It's like i'm running

from a life that hates me

A phantom in my basement

A world thats gone complacent

And i cant

take it

With both feet glued to the pavement

I tried to run- I could'nt make it

Now i'm stuck between

The world 

And my addiction


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