Its who I am

Its who I am, just this girl who'd rather be herself than anything else in this world

I'm my own inspiration, no hesitating to change myself for anybody

I am me and that's all I can and will ever be and even with the imperfections I'm Flawless

that's the only thing you could call a creation like this. This girl who..... rocks her own style, wears her own hair, and does everything Oh so passionately.

It's who I am, just me this girl who'd give her loved ones life. It's about being kind and generous and tryna look like yourself and not some -ridiculous 

Is what flawless truly is. It's about being yourself someone who you look up to with so many damn mistakes that make craters into your moon. 

Into your life into everything you have to put strife into to be successful for. 

Being Flawless is being a woman, not like a Beyonce look alike or a 

perfect bodied beauty, but more of a someone who is yourself. Someone who is you

 Someone human. Flawless is soul deep and you got to have the soul to be like me.

Someone far from imperfect, but you gotta embrace imperfectness and hold on to it like its worth it.

Its just who I am and being Flawless came naturally, cause remeber the word Flawless doesnt mean perfect.

The meaning is whatever you want it to be cause Flawlessness is ony soul deep .


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