I've Been Waking Up Like This



It didn’t happen overnight, in a day or suddenly.

It happened ever so gradually over years of being told that I am smart and beautiful that at some moment it just made perfect sense.


It happened after years of me proving to myself I am so awesome that when Beyoncé said she woke up like this, FLAWLESS was the only word that could describe us.


To be FLAWLESS like me you need an attitude.  I say it with a nod, eyebrow raise, and coquettish grin.  Worthy of your respect and admiration is that I say it because I believe it.

I am what I am.




So what if my hair is a mess and this pair of jeans isn’t doing me any favors or today my style got called hobo?  

So what if my acne just won’t go away and I’m feeling a bit dumb cuz those Bs (not even As) aren’t coming easy?  Aint none of that matter cuz I’m




Those things are part of what I look like but they don’t define me.

Someone out there loves my hair and wishes they could fit into my jeans and doesn’t care about how I dress. 

Someone out there can find the Little Dipper in their pimples and would kill to have the privilege to get Bs at a private, selective school on a full tuition scholarship like me.


Yeah, I’m FLAWLESS cuz for every “flaw” or imperfection or shortcoming,

 I have something so great that it doesn’t even matter. 

What can matter when I’m FLAWLESS?


Especially when I am FLAWLESS where it matters most.


I’m hardworking

I’m smart

I’m so damn stunning the camera can’t even capture how gorgeous I am half the time.

I’m going to look back one day and feel so proud of what I contributed to the world.


I care about people

I give it my all when I’m here

I deserve what I have because I put myself through a lot to get it.

I can achieve great things.

I do achieve great things.


I know all of this which is why I repeat on the daily

for all of those that might not see it so clearly:


I woke up like this



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