The only thing that's constant is change, so I'm constantly changing. Taking responsibility instead of blaming, learn to forgive and swallow my pride, so who am I today? Jekyll or Mr.Hyde
Disangrating slowly the more i harness this shame, this is a new world order! Not no Nintendo game, I have one life to live and I gamble with sobriety, then it's instant survival mode, me against society. So you can say my chances are slim, and the stakes are high; but I've already made it a decade watching this world pass me by, however they say, it's never too late, nor are you never too old so I'm going all in, never will I fold.
Go ahead call my bluffs, look deeply in my lines there intertwined in my rhymes, but don't bother with understanding unless you've already tried...... im not one or the other im Jekyll & Hyde.

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