Journalistic Freedom

ust because I want to be a biblical example of a wife & mother doesn't mean I want no

ther career. I need freedom. Little commitment. A boss who is more than

nderstanding that my family and faith come first. I want the opportunity to write and think in

adical ways. To show the world what is important to me. To show the world what is wrong.

aturally, I also want my name in my own by-line. No matter how selfless I try to be, I'll

lways dream of my name under the title of an article I've written. In the

L ife I plan for myself, freelance journalism is the only career opportunity I see working.

t will give me the freedom I need to put my family first while giving me the platform to 

peak up and out. If I work as a freelance journalist, it will not only change my life. It will

ruly change the lives of both my subjects and audience.


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