Just Leave "Religious" as a Book Genre

As several people presented their personal projects

At least five people said they were “religious”

And this word was used to describe their Christian faith

Why not just say “I‘m a Christian”

“I’m a believer”

“I’m a follower of Christ”

“I love God”

My freshman history teacher said it best:

“My faith is very important to me.”


Saying “religious” complicates what can be said so simply

Ironically, they pad their faith in a place where

Religion equals freedom

Are they ashamed?

Is their faith just another trait?

Hi, I’m Filipino, I’m a brunette, and I’m religious

“Religious” sounds constricted, rule-ridden,

Failing to capture the true essence of faith:



It’s like admitting under your breath “I’m a band geek.”

Trying to cover up what you believe to be an embarrassing truth

Why not casually say “I’m a musician.  Music is my life.”

Why not proclaim the truth with confidence and transparency?

Is it not your identity?


This label does not capture

The true essence of faith

Just leave it on the book shelves


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