Keep Climbing, Never Give Up, Have Faith

It seems like you are trapped,
do not know what path to take.
You see the high mountain ahead,
which will lead to your destiny.

You start to climb and climb,
knowing there's success.
But, there is a huge boulder in front of you,
blocking the path.

You are fustrated,
trying to find solutions.
Thinking, 'How do I get through the path?'
You feel like giving up.

Closing your eyes, praying, 'God, please help and lead me.'
Then, a breeze came through you,
whispering, 'keep climbing, never give up, have faith!'
Deep in your heart,
you knew that is God talking to you.

Suddenly, you feel strong and determined.
Feeling warmth within you,
like a flaming fire ready to burst to enlighten you.
You smile knowing that nothing is impossible.

You went around the boulder,
seeing the path clear greeting you, 'you finally made it!'
Once you reach the top,
you suceeded.
Your faith led you through the narrowed path.

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