kings and queens hiding in corners

Tue, 06/23/2015 - 11:40 -- Sasha V
my castle is this city 
from the basketball courts 
to the train station downtown 
my castle is this city 
ocean beaches' waves jump and bow
when my toes meet sand 
no chariot awaits but 
I travel fine and freely 
roaming through my city 
past schools finished for summer 
down dimly streets
through shortcuts 
taking in the sights of home 
sights already committed to memory 
my city ain't no kingdom 
we ain't royalty 
behind closed doors 
kids are goin to bed hungry 
or looking for guns to settle old beef 
posting on facebooks walls 
"free you. keep your head up. i miss you"
locked in basements and attics 
mixing and mastering mixtapes
working 3 jobs but
barely even 18
having sex younger and younger
mad babies havin mad babies 
squaded up and reppin gangs 
smoking blunts, sellin weed 
half of us won't make it out 
won't ever see better cities 
here we lie, overlooked 
as if we don't matter in the bigger picture 
kings and queens hiding in corners 
we hardly see our worth 
products of our environment 
we ignore our own light 
to dance with darkness and vices 
numbing ourselves 
dumbing ourselves down 
kings and queens with visions 
small city kids with big dreams 
tryna make it out 
to come back
to give back
This poem is about: 
My community


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