A Lament for Officer Tim Brackeen, and How to Prevent More From Occurring

"O say can you see by the dawn's early light"

A hero in blue, who's reached the end of his fight,

He lies on the ground, his badge a bloody sight,

"His name's Brackeen," said the man at the news channel station,

"An African-American shot he who was serving the nation,"

But the wheel in the sky's got a funny rotation,

Judging by North Carolina's turn of events;

The Caucasian, who refuses to apologize or lament

The lives he ended at a Charleston Sunday School event,

Was caught by North Carolina's Shelby police force,

Which mourns the loss of Brackeen to this crook and high horse,

After stopping the white guy who feels no remorse,

Now what can we do to stop carnage and pain,

Protect our protectors from the racially insane,

And end the red, white, and blue, especially blue, bloody rain?

Keep the blue ones on the job from being solitary

Because fights do not offer much time to tarry

And wait for more heroes and protection they carry,

Then maybe there'll be less Brackeens on the news,

Less chances for haters to try to abuse

The lonely lawman, so safety ensues

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My country
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