I live in a world where,
the color of my skin says everything about me.
But at the same time,
Says nothing about me.
They see me in my all black and my snapback
And expect me to rap but,
I've always been more interested 
In telling the truth than making words rhyme.
So many young black boys trying to hide,
From the war going on outside.
Which is probably why so many are now,
Wearing camoflouge.
Unprepared soldiers thinking that growing older,
Means surviving another 24 hours.
I know, 
A lot can happen in a day
But not a lifetime.
Young black boy , 
I see you.
Sitting in the back of the classroom
Afraid to raise your hand 
And answer the teacher's question.
Because you don't want them to know,
That you are more intelligent than you seem.
Intelligence is not weakness,
Stupidity is not strength.
Ignorance is not bliss
Do not let this world suck you in.
This black hole cannot contain you.
Young black girl,
Your beauty has nothing to do with the curves of your hips.
Women in the early civilizations
We're the first to be worshipped as gods.
If your body is a temple
Then in your mind is the power to create the universe.
Don't shrink yourself,
To just a fragrance on another man's bed sheets.
You are greatness.
We are greatness.
We are not weak,
We are not minimal.
We are not niggas,
Being called ghetto is not a compliment.
It was used to described the living places of the Jews
Before it was decided they should be exterminated.
My people don't deserve to be exterminated.
 To the future generations.
For you I set myself on fire,
Fearlessly I light the way.


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