Thu, 05/22/2014 - 21:50 -- a_beza

I feel like I'm messing up.
If I'm not following my dreams,
Or following my heart,
Then I'm wasting my time right?
I'm wasting my time.
And its like lies slipping through lips,
I can never go back and repair the damage.
I can never fix what's shattered,
But I can repair what's broken. 
I'm broken,
For sure, no lies.
Impossible to even make eye contact,
I'm too self-conscious,
Afraid you might see inside.
And damnit, I've tried too hard
To hide those feelings and insecurities.
I feel chained,
Shackled at the legs,
Put in a box and fed the meal called life
The meal someone chose for me,
Not one I prepared for myself.
I want to be free,
like,“shit! This is my life!“
Who's going to live it, if I don't?
Take the chance if I won't? 
I want to love,
like the love that you can't get enough of,
That addiction, that adrenaline
Give me that man that's down for me.
And down for me, not as in my hood,
Or my set.
But down to laugh till we cry,
Cry till we laugh.
Share the beautiful moments,
And endure the ugly, then say
"damn, I'll love you til my heart stops beating"
I want friends, and all-nighters
I want to do all the things I was afraid to do alone
Roadtrips on a full tank at 2am
Cause we can do that shit, like we're invincible,
And time did us a favor and stopped for us.
Can I run in the rain on a rainy day?
I mean, I just want to,
So I can fully appreciate that sunshine when it comes.
And when it all comes down to it,
I want to be in a mindset to hold the intangible
Cause that's all I'll ever need.
When I leave, you won't be next to me dear.
So I'll take my successes,
I'll leave my legacy here.


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