Let's Find Another World

Let’s find another world

Away from what we see here

Ideas of the new generation

Worthy of this country’s reputation


Politicians are the ones who prosper

The corruption is what that matters

Common people are the same

Let’s find another world


Materialism has taken over

People find it breathtaking

Missing something in there

Is the essence of real life


Change is what brings the hope

Ones own ideas, change the world

Men may come and men may go

The new writing is something that will stay forever


Let’s everyone be unique

Do something different that no one did

Show our true identity

Something that was never done before


People doing the same thing

Not ready to invent anything

They lack that needful knowledge

We are the ones who is spreading this awareness


What we thought wasn’t right

Those days are now gone

Time has now come

Let’s be different, and start a new life


Creativity takes a person to a new level

Innovation brings the hope

Let’s end the greatest evil – conformity

And come out with our individuality.




Love this!


Hit the nail right on the head!