Lets Make America....

Dear President,


You stand with your head hailed high,

looking through my t.v. screen with a big smile,

but you know what you have done.

Dividing our own country,

dividing the people.

That was your first step to power.


Now we stand watching our own country go to hell.

We see and hear the hate,

to Mexicans,

to Muslims,

to women,

to the disabled,

and many more.

When will this hate go away!

Those group of people that you have as targets are equally part of this country.

You cannot change this no matter the hate.


I am a proud Mexican American and I won’t fall.

I won’t fall for your silly games of hate.

Those games don’t make me weak,

they only make me stronger!


You pick on my people.

They have done nothing wrong

only stereotypes follow us.

Of being “rapists, gangsters and robbers”

Ignoring the truth.

We are here in search of opportunities,

Those who fail in the search fall into darker paths.

You cannot tell us that all Mexicans are stereotyped!


It is almost hard to believe that our own leader is a bully.

A bully who uses inappropriate language to women,

making us feel inferior.

Treating us like objects.

You should know better!

As women we band together because of people like you.

Men who don't know about respect,



We made a strong effective movement.

A movement that can't go unseen

Yet you ignore the #MeToo movement?


You spend your own time on Twitter rants instead.

Those rants should be kept in a diary,

Nobody wants to see what mean comments or opinions you have

especially when it's at 2:00 am!

Rants like building a “Wall”

Expecting that Mexico will pay for it.

It's all just a big illusion that you have.

And to think that you proclaim so loudly that you are an American.

An American that doesn't pay his own taxes?

All I ask of you is to set the example of a leader and nothing else!



                                                                                                                       Nereida Hernandez


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