A Letter to Life from Love



I wonder what it would be like to be filled with love.

With nothing more than the feeling, I get when I look up above.

Those stars, they are a part of you and not apart from you.

Maybe I’ll feel like that with someone, but who?

Or perhaps it’s not a thing of the flesh


But a thing of the stars.



All of them one thing but yet so sparse.


I wish I could write you perfection.


Maybe I would be able to mention


How much pain you cause me


And simultaneously, having you is lovely.


But I don't want you without him and


All I want to say is “just love me.”


Yes, I did say the stars were sufficient.


But in the light of the day, I cannot see them.


So Life, throw me a lifeline.


Let him know it would all mean nothing without me


For you are nothing without love.


And I am just that. I am Love.



Alexia Love Taylor


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