A Letter To Myself

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:03 -- cyd0201

Febuary 1, 2002

Dear Future Me,                                                                                                                                                    

Your life is a fork in the road

The pressure is on

And your thoughts are slow

With the increased stress

To do everything right

Being put to the test

You stay and fight

Staying true to yourself

Is a hard thing to do


Looking for help

You don’t have a clue

Expectations are rising

Just like the sun

With no one advising

You jump the gun

You come to the light

And see your true colors


The future can be bright

Like no other

You push

Construct your goals

Beat around the bush

Now you’re in control


Don’t stop there…

Find potential

Breathe fresh air

Piece together the credentials

Mute the teasing

From lost people

The success your seizing

Will not have a cost

Worry about future

But do it with care…


Worry too much,

You’ll get grey hairs

Be healthy and well

It’s not just academics

Things will be swell

Don’t end with paramedics

Just let life flow

It will all work out

Think and just go

Then it won’t go south


Your only job now

Is to focus on you

That fork in the road

Can be your first cue








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