Life is not a beach, Life is all about the Rivers


Life is like a beach, until you've been down to the river

Forced in through the currents, just to see if you're a swimmer

Just open up your eyes, and see the world is being withered

Forecast of the future? there's about to be a blizzard.

Believing love is warm, until it hits you with a shiver

So fight to make a change, or stay known as just a drifter.


The flow is moving quicker, can we help to the stop the winter?

Like the problems once small, all are only growing bigger.


And they don't want to see what's real, they'd rather look off in the distance

With people losing morals, so I know this is a hindrance

They're looking for an exit, though they've never made an entrance

And I'm tired of it all, this is more than just an inference

I just want to make a difference.


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