The Life of Timmy

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 01:02 -- cdoyle2

Once upon a time there was a boy named TImmy. He grew up in the hood always stayed on the block, he didn't know anything but how to sell drugs and kick rocks.

Timmys mom struggled with 4 other kids, barely able to buy diapers, let along baby bibs. So with that being said Timmy's sisters ran away with nothing to eat and no place to stay.

Timmy met this girl named Annie who told him "I will stay by your side" and "I will content your pains." Timmy had nothing to lose he thought she'd be his gain.

One day little Annie took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Little Annie was so scared not because she was pregnant but because she didn't know who the father was.

She was panicking and pacing in the living room then she fell onto the floor.

Annie's mom walked in the door, to find her only daughter with a pregnancy test in her hands and passed out on the floor.

Her mother held her hands and the cops, "OH THEREBY HANGS A TAIL!" She yelled through the phone, "Calm down ma'am, please tell me whats wrong." She dropped her phone and heard a knock. Timmy's been trying to call Annie but its been going straight to the voicemail box.

 He heard the mourns of Annie's mother and the knocks turned into bangs and down went the front door. Little Timmy was traumatized by his site because laying on the floor was his future wife.

Timmy threw Annie in the backseat of his car and raced to the ER. He bust open the door with Annie in his arms. "DOCTOR PLEASE CHECK HER!" Timmy balled out in tears as they laid her out onto the stretcher.

After a few moments, Timmy calmed down and started playing with his poctet knife. An elderly woman came up to Timmy and said, "hey son, this is just the way of life." After a few moments the doctor came out and said, "you must be Annies spouse." He took Timmy to the room where Annie was sleep she woke up scared because she was unsure of her whereabouts. 

"Good morrow my love." Timmy told Annie while holding her hand. The doctor asked Timmy "Where are your wedding bands?" Timmy told the doc I've been thinking long and hard". "Well think no longer" said the doc "You're gonna be a father!"

"MANNNN PRITHEE, KEEP UP THY QUILLETS! I know it ain't mine, cause I wrap mine up everytime." Annie looked scared, she's at a lost of words. Timmy told the doctor, "please give us a minute."

Then he looked at Annie and said, "Who else has been in it?" Annie couldn't speak, she was at a lost of words. Timmt wiped the sweat off Annie's forehead and said "I won't be mad, just tell me was it Brad?" After a while Annie went to sleep. Timmy kissed her forehead, said "I love you." Then found a towel, covered her mouth and stabbed her in the guts until she was dead. 

Timmy hit the window just in time went to his car. Paramedics called the feds they said he shouldn't be far. Timmy drove into the parking lot and loaded his shotty. He thought to himself and said man he was having sex with my shawty. Timmy heard the sirens and ducked next to a car. He bust the window, hot wired it and rode off with a loaded clip and a audi. 

Timmy drove up to the block and calmly asked Brad to get in. Brad said "aight bro, what's the move man?" Timmy said "we gotta couple bodies to catch this won't take long." Brad went inside the car as they were blasting drilling songs. 

Timmy drove up to an abandoned building and said "aye bro, let me grab this heat," Brad said "aight bro, I'll be right behind you, let me text my girl she's about to fall asleep." Timmy walked into the abandoned building and stood next to the door with both hands on his heat. 

Brad walked in, Timmy unloaded his clip until Brad was in a blood pool at his feet. After that Timmy went back to his old self; selling drugs kicking rocks five days later all you could hear was gunshots, nonstop. Timmy's sister was coming outside the house. She saw a body, it was her brother Timmy got shot.

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My family