Light And Dark


United States
34° 59' 41.0784" N, 85° 13' 32.3904" W

Come inside, dear
And shut the door on your way
Quickly now, don't dottle
Keep the outside light at bay

You see, dear, I'm just like you
I know why you're here
You came to my dark castle
To escape the light, didn't you, dear?

The light; it looks so wonderful
So bright and welcoming to you
But as you walk into it
You realize that's not true

The light will burn straight through your chest
And snap your heart in three
And once they cast you out to die
You search for a way to flee

That's how you stumbled upon my castle
The one I made my home
The only shadow in the world of light
The perfect hideout for a rogue

So many people have come and gone
So many people have stayed
You're welcome here, my dearest boy
You can stay forever in the shade

The darkness, you see, unlike the light
Is truly a comforting place
Though you cannot see the creatures here
They can neither see your face

The shadows hide and the darkness heals
Your wounds the light has given
The only problem is most who stay
Become so madly driven

Insanity is not so bad
Compared to the burn of light
So stay with me in this castle
This place of eternal night