Look At Me


Look at me.

No, really.

Look at ME.

I'm an more than mere paper,

test scores, or hobbies.

I am more than dollar signs,

numbers, and GPAs.

Brown eyes,

like the boxes for my books.

Blonde hair,

Like the gleam from my medals.

White smile,

like the paper for my classes.

I am more than my photos,

teammates, and friends.

I am more than this poem, 

words, and phrases.

I am ME, MYSELF, and I.

I am a soul that has passions,

A mind that craves knowledge,

A person that needs support,

And a student that knows nothing.

Titles are just names,

that form one part of who I am.



Point Guard,

High Jumper,





And though these words are true,

there is soemthing deeper.

Look at me.

No really,

Look at Me,

because I am proud of what I see. 



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