Love, what have we here?

This is the stuff of dreams, the magic of the stars.

This is the beauty of the skies, the song of the heart.

This is the basis of ancient poetry, the objective of many lovers before us.

Love, what shall we be?

If there has ever been a pair to uphold the meaning of a band of gold so uniformly, let it be us.

If there has ever been two hearts perfectly in sync, let them be ours.

Love, what do you love?

If you ever happen upon a beautiful horizon, let me admire your beauty as you admire its.

If you ever find beautifully written words, let me admire the way your mind sees them.

If you ever overhear a wonderfully executed tune, let me admire the way your heartbeat surpasses the tune’s beauty.

Love, what do I love?

All of the beauty that is within you, within me, within us- it is perhaps the most beautiful thing I will ever know.

I know that this world is full of beautiful things- songs, books, places, people, artwork- but if the only beautiful thing I ever know is you and I together, that’s all I’ll ever need.

Love, what is beauty?

Beauty is you.

It is within you, within all of the cracks inside of your heart and mind.

It is within each of your bones, each of your heartbeats, each of your breaths.

For every time your lungs fill with air, my heart fills with your beauty.

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