To Love

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 23:51 -- ChloeC

To love

Is to live

For the only explanation

Why we exist,

Why there is something instead of nothing, 

Is love.

Its this irrational sensation

That makes us go crazy

That makes us laugh

And can make us cry

Its this godly force over us all

That keeps us living

It is our purpose

It is part of the journey of life

And it is our destination

But love doesnt look powerful

Love doesnt look strong

Love looks weak

Love is admitting your wrong

Love is apologizing

Love is shown in every tragedy

And every heartbreak

Love is letting someone go

Love doesn't always appear easy

And falling in love,

Well that implies falling

Because to love

Is a huge risk

A risk that can result in suffering

A risk that can leave you feeling broken

And yet so many chose this risk

Because we are love hungry

Because love is part of our survival

Most of us are blind to love

But love is always there

Within all of us

And around us all

All we have to do

Is open our eyes


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Our world