Love Always Works Out

I know I make you mad girl

But you said you'll never leave my head swirled

So I know I have to put a ring up on it, because commitment ain't a game

Yeah I laugh, but I ain't playin', I'll always be your man


I know sometimes I upset you, I always push your buttons

We fuss and fight over nothing, but we never leave we stay lovin’

We always work it out with no pushing or shoving

I know sometimes I'm selfish, but I’ll always jump in front of your bullet

Cause you’re everything that prayed for, and a whole lot extra

Because just like Odell, I’ll do anything to catch ya


You make me better girl, I thank God daily

You got my heart and you can have it for forever baby

And even though we'll never break up, I hate when we’re mad

But I love when we get to make up, no apologies that I could make up

To let you know I got you covered, girl

And I only push your buttons because I love you, girl


I was praying for a ten, but I found the one

Because being in love with you is so much fun

And even when I lose, I already know I won.


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