Love's Wake

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 18:38 -- Doxite


Dreaming, waking, leaving no hint of arrival,

Something draws closes, becomng needed for survival.

The heart starts longing for the warmth it brings.

It stands up and prepares to sing

Beating harder, stomach doing flips.

Its song casts out and by a special one it slips

Slips by not unnoticed or unheard,

Just confused if it was real or just absurd.


All the while, the distant angel is lost

Looking for the one which can guide her at most;

Lead her to a place very far away,

Away to her guide's world which she can stay,

Stay lost forever at the side of guide.

Her guide will fly high and fall low by her side


The longer they stay with eachother,

Nothing will be able to keep cloudy weather.

In their wake will come glowing eyes.

In their wake, something small cries.

But together with one they can truly see

How easily love can live for eternity.


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