Loving in a Healthy Relationship


Another individual,

 seemingly that was made for you,

Like a perfectly fitted glove,

But you do not own that person, which will forever be true.


And that person has no obligation to please you

Or to do as you have commanded,

Because they chose to love you

 And regardless of how possessive you feel, they will remain freely unbranded.


“What is does it mean to love someone,

Another human being under the sun?”

“Let's start off with what love is not,

Or rather what makes a relationship rot.”


Love is not taking the reins of manipulation in the palm of your hands

Until you can get the other to go in the direction of our choice

Love is not violating someone’s rights with disrespect,

Hoping to get your heart’s desire, which results in you minimizing their voice.


For violation, manipulation, intimidation, and disrespect are not love

But love is sacrifice, respect, patience, and trust

So to set the record straight, I will tell you what I’ve told my true love


“Because I love you

Time is no longer a ticking bomb

But rather what I pay in exchange to make memories with you

A moment in time so priceless, I hear the tick-tock and stay calm


Being honest is no longer triggers a fear of vulnerability

But rather a necessity to open doors that welcome floods of communication

Waves of transparency

And the hydration of a great connection


Respect is not something that has to be earned,

 But an intrinsic gift

Because every human being deserves respect

And my life is no more valuable than yours, do you catch my drift?


Patience becomes a regular practice,

When hearing your thoughts and understanding your ways

Is more important than rushing from point A to B.

I can meet you at the finish line with no delays.


“you have no reason not to Trust me” is no longer something that I need to be told, I’m sold!

 Your actions are the proof that makes your words true,

The evidence that I can put my fragile heart in your hands,

Without you squeezing too hard, and poking or prodding till it beats how you want it to.


Because I love you

Sacrifice is no longer a chore,

But rather a delightful blessing

to know that giving up something meniscal could make your heart feel sore.”


The reciprocation of my love, respect, honesty, trust, and sacrifices

Is what makes the relationship healthy.

The favors we do no longer come with a list of prices

But rather the list of why we love each other becomes quite lengthy.


-Maya Beckham

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